I-Have-An-Idea Lamp is inspired by the human mind and shows and reminds people that ideas are a form of energy. An idea has the power to change the world Good ideas are worth sharing, and doing so can make them more powerful

Confront divider is about confrontation. Confrontation is all about sharing the reflections on what we are thinking and feeling as we ponder our reactions. It is a very intimate process.We are vulnerable to ourselves. Life takes courage .In this instance,the courage to CONFRONT.

The Uff Puff Pouf concept is about forming an unified seating unit out of different seating objects like an ottoman and a normal chair. By mixing these different object a new form is born which is still recognizable but unique at the same time.

Chair of Spirit is a therapy chair which is designed for the comfort and help you to control your spirit. The position of the body can vary in many ways on this therapy chair.But all the position mostly about controlling your body and keeping your balance. Like doing yoga. This chair is not about resting your body like on other chairs , it is all about the spirit.