Conbox living is a concept that is innovative in architecture and interior design. We have created a concept from a analyse of the needs for our client and its users. The conclution is that for both practical and economical issues the urban artist hotel needs to be hybrid and involve several areas there complexed use will be performed by its visitors. As the contemporary and modern art today is a synonym of critisism of the society its important that the space bring us close to urban style and can in its own way bring inspiration mixed with confort for the visitors. We want to represent the simple shapes and our quote was to find a geometrical haromony in between the maximized and minimized details. We also choose as inspiration the bauhaus and minimalist style. In an contemporary way we analysed the architecture and art to finally understand that its all a mather of time and space. The time and space is represented by boxes in different sizes that you can capture up all over the space. From small details to shapes of the living areas. Actually the shape of a square is the beginning of everything. From the originallity of our houses to the shape of a matches box. The box in box experience is not only about shapes, with an interior built up by pure materials we will get a feeling of urbanism and with a game between shape, materials and light we have found out that this is the perfect solution for the architecture inside an other architecture, as is our task to clear up.